Our Corporate Social Responsibilities

Nippon Consulting helps people find rewarding work and clients find the right talent to grow their businesses, and our goal is to adhere to the highest ethical standards when doing so. This commitment is reflected in our policies and programs that support universal human rights; respect the diversity of our employees, customers and business partners; form the foundation of our philanthropic endeavours; and protect the environment in the communities we serve.


Corporate Social citizenship at Nippon Consulting

At Nippon Consulting, we provide sustainable solution in helping communities improve the lives of the people within them and safeguard the natural resources we all share.


Supplier relations at Nippon Consulting.

Nippon Consulting is focused on developing successful relationships with minority, woman, veteran, and disabled veteran-owned businesses to meet the needs of our customers.


Our commitment to diversity

Nippon Consulting has a talented, diverse and innovative workforce around Asian,Africa and North America and we are committed to a culture of inclusion. Our emphasis on diversity and inclusion is one of many ways we support our communities and provide the best employee experience in the
industry for our teams.


Our commitment to the environment

Nippon Consulting is committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner. Read our global environmental policy to learn about our efforts to protect the environment, conserve resources and ensure sustainable development.


Global Environmental Policy at Nippon Consulting.

Nippon Consulting is committed to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner.
All employees of the Company are required to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and to conduct business in a manner that protects the environment, conserves resources and ensures sustainable development. The following policy applies equally to our employees and our
vendors and suppliers. The programs noted within are managed by their respective business owners and leaders, Nippon Consulting Board of Directors (the “Board”) has approved this policy.


Real Estate and Facilities:

We are committed to:

Working with our landlords and property managers to minimize our environmental impact. As a service business, Nippon Consulting environmental footprint is relatively small. However, one of our largest areas of potential impact may be our real estate footprint. Nippon Consulting operates in office space in Class “A” office buildings with full-service leases, typically in under 1,000 square feet of space. Wherever possible, we work with our landlords to share information on energy consumption and waste management in order for us to monitor our impact.

Using energy more efficiently. Nippon Consulting invests in sustainable energy technology. In our Tokyo location — our largest globally — we converted nearly 200 lights to more efficient LEDs, providing energy savings and sustainable lighting. Our teams also continuously look for ways to reduce our energy consumption through the types of technology we purchase and use, or how we manage areas of the business that demand higher energy consumption, like our data centers.

Using sustainable materials. When we renovate an office or move to a new location in any of the countries in which we operate, we prioritize the use of sustainable materials whenever possible. This includes, but is not limited to, carpets made with a high percentage of recycled content; furniture that complies with GREENGUARD standards, in South Africa; and using paint with no volatile organic compounds.

Choosing office space responsibly. When relocating an office or choosing a new location, we carefully consider important factors like proximity to public transportation to minimize the need to drive to work. We also prioritize environmentally certified buildings whenever possible.


Business Processes:

We are committed to:

Reducing paper-based processes. Online platforms have replaced paper-heavy business processes — like human resources transactions and expense reporting — and reduced our reliance on paper while increasing our efficiency. Most of our printed marketing materials have also transitioned to digital versions, and our candidate intake forms also have transitioned online to eliminate the need for hard-copy documents.

Embracing new technology. Our candidates are encouraged to interview via an online experience, such as FaceTime or Skype, in order to reduce travel costs and time. Our teams rely on technology to support their business needs, and as pieces of equipment are phased out, they are either donated or responsibility recycled.

Assessing and managing climate-related risks. On a periodic basis, Nippon Consulting executive management will review, assess and manage environmental and climate-related risks as they relate to our business, and report on our efforts to the Board.

Reporting and Awareness:


We are committed to: 

Reporting our successes and opportunities.

Nippon Consulting releases its corporate citizenship report every two years to provide visibility into our best practices, including our environmental impact.

Promoting environmental awareness. In addition to our biennial report,Nippon Consulting brings awareness to environmental issues annually through a message from leadership in recognition of Earth Day. We also support ICT Global Link Foundation as part of this awareness program. Nippon Consulting matching gifts program also provides support to nonprofit organizations that serve to protect the environment and our natural resources.

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