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Corporate Legal Manager

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About the Company

About the user base "Economic information changes the world" In the BtoC world, while Google
and Facebook have realized efficient information access, in the BtoB world, corporate data comes from financial information services, statistical data comes from government offices, and financial data comes from each company's sites Remained inefficient. Therefore, we decided to make information access efficient in the world of BtoB, and we set up a mission of "changing the world with economic information" and were established in 2008. We, as an economic information platform, support business day-to-day decisions of businesspeople and develop multiple services aimed at an economic information infrastructure that is loved around the world.

About the role of legal One of our seven rules is "Let's go liberal". Each person is aware of both
freedom and responsibility and runs autonomously while minimizing the rules. The Legal and Risk Management Team (hereinafter referred to as the “Legal Team”) balances freedom and discipline so that the user can use the services with peace of mind while the company continues to take on active challenges, cherishing such a free culture of user base. I have a challenge to take specific job description.

Job description

・ Legal investigation for new business and service expansion, preparation of terms of use etc
・ Contract ・ Contract creation ・ Review
・ Creating and maintaining internal rules
・ Construction of internal control system including information management system
・ Education and training to make employees comply with regulations and laws and regulations
・ Contract negotiation in M & A and business alliance, due diligence, legal process
・ Business restructuring (subsidiary establishment, group company reorganization, etc.)
・ Other corporate business in general

It is a position that we expect leave the management of the legal team in the future. As the company changes and evolves every day, we think about the disciplines and rules that should be kept as an organization and keep spreading the disciplines and rules to employees so that employees can keep on worrying and challenging. We look forward to having a challenge spirit that we want to go on.

What can be obtained

・ Be able to engage in legal and risk management at overseas bases, and also gain experience in
being at the forefront of business tie-ups and M & A negotiations across borders, by developing six
bases worldwide
・ Because you are an organization that is constantly growing non-continuously, you can realize
that you are driving greater growth by performing appropriate risk management -Close to the
business, that is, close to the management and field members, we can be trusted as a partner to
move the business forward, and can accompany while discussing


More than 5 years of legal work experience in company or 3 years of corporate legal work as lawyer A person who has firm conviction that he can advise management even if freedom and discipline are not considered appropriate With the company changing every day without adhering to the rules and operation system that we made once, we will continue to act, thinking about what the rules and operation system should be for our company now. If you think it's fun Not only in the legal field, but if you need to do business, you can investigate anything yourself, ask people to teach as needed, and solve unknown problems [Welcome conditions] Negotiated practical experience with foreign companies (business level English skills) Overseas lawyer qualification Group company internal control construction experience Legal work experience in media companies.

The figure of the person who wants it

  • Those who can open communication and can move forward with conflicting opinions Do not blame yourself, have positive thinking Those who cannot challenge while having fun without being hit by unprecedented things Those who have a venture mind and can feel rewarding in the challenging field Those who can do PDCA, have a sense of improvement and can do it Benefits
  • Determined based on experience and ability
  • Transportation expenses paid
  • Child allowance available
  • Social insurance complete

Paid leave (from 10th) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays Long vacation system (aside from paid,
benefits that can be taken twice a year for 7 consecutive days including weekends) PC payment
(you can choose your favorite PC within the budget) User-based welfare " UB Care "


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