Our Innovation

We have reinvented sourcing, enabling us to scan the entire market for potential candidates for each assignment, with a double approach pull and push.


PULL: we are able to identify and approach many candidates who are off the radar for other recruitment agencies or for companies’ HR departments; using two complementary methods:


A Global database and a Research centre:


PUSH: Our objective is to make our searches highly visible (except when they are confidential). To do this we have set up a unique system to publicize our vacancies on the internet with just a single click. Our assignments are seen on average 4 million times per month on social networks – Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google+

Our role is also to help people to understand the new job market and to do so efficiently.

If you would like to know why so many companies and so many candidates have been putting their trust in us for the last few years and in 4 different countries and how our innovative and technologically advanced solutions can help you to recruit and manage your talent better,  contact us now !



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